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What Is A Gray Divorce?

Many couples are now getting divorced later in life, such as after the kids have moved out and after retirement. Late-life divorce is also known as silver or gray divorce has become more common (and more accepted) over time. But what is the cause of this increase? We list out a few reasons why couples are opting to file for divorce later in life.


There are a handful of explanations for this recent spike, one of them is second marriages. Many individuals are in second marriages and the divorce rate for a remarried couple is about two and half times larger. In some instances, second marriages can have a number of issues such as finances, emotional baggage from the prior marriage and ideals about family are challenged which can all lead to divorce.

Emotional Changes

One of the biggest reasons for an increase in gray divorce is change- specifically in women. According to AARP, women are the ones who initiate about 60 percent of the divorces after 40 years old. Typically, women have higher emotional expectations in a marriage and if those needs aren’t met, women are more likely to file for divorce. Another major reason for late-life divorce is children. In many cases, by the time the kids have their own lives, many couples don’t feel the need to “stay together for their kids” and that burden of being a role model for them is lifted.

Retirement and Money

One psychologist noted that after retirement, spouses are around each other constantly and that’s when the emotional distress come to a surface. Many older women tend to be employed and have a stable source of income, as they gain their independence financially, they feel more at ease leaving an unhappy marriage.

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