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Let our clients tell you why a streamlined divorce with FasTrack works so well.

Hear What Shola Has to Say About Fastrack Divorce

The services provided at FasTrack Divorce are very valuable and very affordable. I cannot thank the entire FasTrack team enough. - Shola
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Martha J. My daughter came to Mary Anne for help after a different lawyer charged her alot of money without getting the job done. What a world of difference Mary Anne made! She is competent, focused and supportive. Her rates are fair and reasonable. She finalized in 2 months what the other lawyer was still dragging out after 6 months.

After the divorce, problematic parenting issues erupted and escalated, so my daughter turned once again to Mary Anne who came up with creative solutions to solve these problems without going to trial. She is a talented lawyer and a person of integrity who you will not regret hiring. She knows her way around the system and you will save yourself alot of grief by choosing her as your advocate to begin with. Our family will forever be grateful for Mary Anne.
Nick Q. Highly recommend. Fast, fair, honest and knowledgeable. I have since sent some of my good friends here. MaryAnn is a wonderful person who cares about the cases she's working on. Mary Anne is awesome and always a phone call away. They absolutely went above and beyond for me.
Dan M. Mary Anne is top notch.she is very knowledgeable,organized and prepared.i am so glad to have her in my corner during a very difficult time.I highly recommend her to anyone with family issues.She’s outstanding.
April B. My overall experience with FasTrack Divorce was excellent! Mary Anne handle my case with the upmost care and professionalism. Her knowledge and guidance was superb at all times, Mary Anne is honest, trustworthy and very straightforward. She was exceptional in gathering information and representing the best interest of me and my children in my divorce case which resulted in a wonderful outcome. I was so grateful to have had Mary Anne represent me because she is very thoughtful, compassionate, fair and honorable above all else. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FasTrack Divorce!!!
Mark C. I hired Mary Anne Noonan and her team for my divorce, Mary Anne and her team went above and beyond for me, they stayed late, came in early, kept in constant contact with me during this Difficult time. She was VERY affordable! I called two other lawyers before her and they were double what she charged and she got me divorced very quick! I highly recommend FasTrack Divorce To anyone that is wanting an affordable, committed, fast divorce!
JS Turner My experience with Fast Track Divorce was nothing but positive. I worked primarily with my attorney Alana but also had interactions with Mary Anne, both of whom were very friendly and professional at all times. If you have to go through the divorce process, I highly recommend you contact Fast Track Divorce to see if your situation is a good fit. They are truly a great value for the services you receive.
Michael G. Mary Anne guided me through a difficult and frustrating divorce with complete professionalism, high moral standards, and her tireless work ethic to protect the best interest of me and my family, truly sets her apart from other attorneys. Having her as my attorney is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Abir H. As Mary Anne's client, I felt consistent support and positive reinforcement throughout the handling of my case. Mary is very straightforward and honest with her clients, but also maintains a comforting and friendly relationship. She is very down to earth and is always willing to listen and provide support wherever possible, making her more of a friend than just a lawyer.
Tamara R. It was only recently that I have been able to put the pieces of my life back together. I truly believe that if it was not for Mary Anne's representation that I got from her legal services, I would not have been able to do so. I was treated with a professional dignity and respect as a woman, mother and disabled person. Thank You.
Tina B. Mary Anne was outstanding during my high conflict divorce at both a professional and personal matter. She is thorough, prepared, diligent and tough but with a class personal aspect that stands out above all.
Jennifer E. My experience with Mary Anne has been life changing. With her professional advice and attention, outstanding results were achievable. She was able to provide peace of mind in an amicable and dignified manner, every step of the way.
Sue H. Mary Anne Noonan is like a prize fighter in your corner. Dedicated, aggressive and sharp. She was very easy to talk to even upon our initial meeting and any questions I had she was able to answer them and put me at ease. I was impressed with the consistent follow up and timely responses from Mary Anne and her staff. I truly enjoyed her ability to make me laugh during a situation that can be difficult for most. I will certainly recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.
David H. Mary Anne understands better than anyone else that the quicker and more amicable the divorce, the better it is for everyone involved. She is one of the most rational and down to earth professionals I have ever worked with. Throughout entire process- intake, mediation, and multiple times in front of a judge she had a way of being informative of what my rights were and put me at ease about the whole situation. She turned a possible lengthy mediation and multiple court appearances into a few short meetings. Her communication in the courtroom is amazing to watch- she engaged the Wayne County Sheriffs, court recorders and judges seamlessly- ensuring hurdles that would slow the process down were totally avoided. What I found most important and probably a reason she finds so much success is she always has the end in mind for both sides, and works really hard to arrive at a fair conclusion where neither side feels like they are really giving anything up, just adapting to a new situation.
Chris M. Mary Anne Noonan’s professionalism and expertise were of invaluable help and support to me during my divorce process. My intention was to pursue an amicable divorce and Mary Anne was clear in her respect and support of that intent. When I began my search for a divorce lawyer, I knew that I needed an attorney that was very astute in divorce proceedings and an attorney that could be assertive when necessary to handle my case. From my initial meeting with Mary Anne until the final divorce decree was approved, she was on top of everything and had my best interest in mind, throughout the process. I would highly recommend Mary Anne to anyone looking for a divorce attorney.
Shelby K. Mary Anne is hands down the best lawyer around. You are more than just a case to her-she genuinely cares and is invested in you and does whatever it takes to fight for you. My husband and I have gone through 6 lawyers previously who promised they would get the job done, took thousands of dollars from us, and sat around twiddling their thumbs and got us nowhere. One hearing with Annie and we knew she was the one we could whole heartedly trust to handle our very high-stress custody case.

Any time you call, Mary Anne is there to answer your questions and keep you grounded. She’s extremely knowledgeable and friendly, which is a huge perk when you’re stressed out and worrying about a high stake divorce or custody battle. Working with this team has made us feel the most confident we’ve felt since our case began 5 years ago. If you are looking for someone that you can trust, that will do everything in their power to get you where you need to be, Mary Anne at FasTrack are the team for you!
Mark K. Mary Anne was AWESOME! Not only did she provide her expertise and diligence in preparing my case, she also listened to my concerns and worked with me countless times to ensure that details were accurate. I never felt rushed when discussing my case with Mary Anne. Mary Anne’s professionalism, confidence in her ability, straightforwardness and honesty along with her humor made a difficult time much easier. Her representation served me well and I highly recommend Mary Anne’s services with the utmost of confidence.
Dennis A. Mary Ann would make a fine Marine. Squared away and knows her shit!!!!!
Tamaya D. Mary Anne is FANTASTIC! She helped me navigate this difficult process with her skill and professionalism. I was quite pleased with the results. I highly recommend Mary Anne because of her expertise in handling divorce proceedings.
Aliza M. Mary Anne is not only the best lawyer, but one of the best genuine people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. She is no nonsense, truly cares about you and doing what's right/honorable and gets the job done. Her advice to me was full of wisdom. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance. I recommend her to everybody now and my friends who have gone with her afterwards all say the same things too!

My experience with them redeemed my whole idea of lawyers. I should know because by contrast I started off with a lawyer who dragged out the whole divorce process, charging me lots of money without producing any results. He and his assistant never returned my calls or emails. He could not even remember my case and never explained anything to me. Nine months later at the very end of my rope, I switched to Mary Anne as my lawyer. The first time I met her she immediately gave me her cell phone number and promptly returned my calls, emails and texts.

She was very organized and always on top of everything and made herself available. They both stayed on top of everything, kept me in the loop, made sure there was no surprises and held my hand the whole way.

Although there were challenges and complications with my case, they had everything completed and resolved within three months. Hence living up to their name "FasTrack Divorce". I was charged considerably less than my first lawyer and accomplished so much more in a timely fashion. Switching to her as my lawyer was the best thing I ever did! For her character, professional competency, fair pricing and sterling advocacy I heartily recommend her!
Kristian P. Absolutely satisfied!!!! Mary Anne is WONDERFUL, full of energy and determined to get the job done. And I must say, she got the job done!! First time in this divorce process and I was scared because I didn't know what to expect. I first saw their billboard when they were known as FasTrack and it was very appealing because I was ready for my divorce to be over, quickly as possible. She was always answering my calls and helped me out a great deal, even listened to my rants. They are very affordable, no hidden fees or anything...I hope I don't have to see you all again but if so I know I will be in GREAT hands.... thank you so much Mary Anne.... signed a HAPPY Client!
Mary K. Mary Anne was AWESOME! Not only did she provide her expertise and diligence in preparing my case, she also listened to my concerns and worked with me countless times to ensure that details were accurate. I never felt rushed when discussing my case with her and she was always prompt with providing feedback when requested. Mary Anne’s professionalism, confidence in her ability, straightforwardness and honesty along with her humor made a difficult time much easier. Her representation served me well and I highly recommend Mary Anne’s services with the utmost of confidence.
Julie Ann P. Awesome team, great reputation with peers, Mary Anne is simply outstanding! I highly recommend them and appreciate their assistance through a very difficult time. I am so happy I hired them!
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