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Michigan's Top Divorce Attorneys for Streamlined Divorce

Don’t waste exorbitant amounts of time and money going through your divorce.

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At FasTrack Divorce, we use our expertise to provide results that are focused on what matters most to you.

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With our guidance, the process of moving from complaint to judgment can be simplified and concise.

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We offer a qualified flat fee and comprehensive mediation services to ensure your best care.

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The FasTrack method is designed and proven to work in most actions for Divorce.

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Divorce is A Reorganization, Not A Destruction

Guided gently, Divorce can be simplified to the reorganization of the family unit instead of becoming the destruction of it. At FasTrack, we want to help you find practical solutions that work for your situation. Our methods can simplify the potential messiness and complexities so that you can focus on what you really care about. We provide guidance and the best possible results to all of our clients.

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Mediation Can Be Your Solution

Contrary to popular belief, parties do not have to attend mediation, or incur the additional costs of mediation, if a settlement agreement can be reached with the parties. Many lawyers would like you to think that every divorce case has to be a custom-fitted, specialized process but the fact is that most cases can be simplified with the help of the right coach. At FasTrack Divorce, we work hard to help you understand the entire process and ease your fears. From initiation proceedings to divorce recovery, we can walk you through the steps to finding an agreement that preserves marital assets and helps you move on with your life.

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Hear What Shola Has to Say About Fastrack Divorce

The services provided at FasTrack Divorce are very valuable and very affordable. I cannot thank the entire FasTrack team enough. - Shola
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This Process is Not for Everyone

The FasTrack mediation process is designed to avoid trial. You may be seeking justice or retribution against your spouse, but we are here to perform a service of mediation. If you’re interested in finding a real solution focused on what matters most to you, the FasTrack Divorce team can help. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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Meet Our Experienced Divorce Attorneys

Mary Anne is an experienced divorce attorney, dedicated to demystifying the divorce process and acting as a peacemaker to resolve your disputes. The FasTrack Divorce team is committed 24/7 to pursuing a successful outcome for you and prioritizing a process that affords clean, fast, and cost-controlled divorces. Our team is professional, well trained, and ready to help.

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