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  • Maryanne is very professional and hands down a great lawyer. She guided me through my divorce as well as a custody battle. I would absolutely recommend her to all. Thank you very much Maryanne. Erica N.
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  • Absolutely satisfied!!!! Mary Anne is WONDERFUL, full of energy and determined to get the job done. And I must say, she got the job done!! First time in this divorce process and I was scared because I didn't know what to expect. I first saw their billboard when they were known as FasTrack and it was very appealing because I was ready for my divorce to be over, quickly as possible. Jessica her legal assistant is AWESOME!!! She was always answering my calls and helped me out a great deal, even listened to my rants. They are very affordable, no hidden fees or anything...I hope I don't have to see you all again but if so I know I will be in GREAT hands.... thank you so much Mary Anne and Jessica.... signed a HAPPY Client! Kristian P.
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  • I drove by the FasTrack Divorce sign every day when I worked in Birmingham but I never knew that I would be the one to make the call. Happy that I did, Mary Anne took great care of me from beginning to end. She is firm and she is good. She is full of energy and is a beautiful woman inside and out. We text, we emailed and we chatted frequently. Her legal assistant Jessica Tysse is a God send as well. This divorce and child custody case was very emotional for me and the end result was very good. Mary Anne is extremely knowledgeable and she is well known in the courthouses by of Michigan by her work and moral ethics alone. Thank you! #TeamMaryAnne I highly recommend. Yonikka T.
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Michigan's Leading Certified Divorce Attorney

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Your divorce doesn't have to be complicated, drawn-out, and expensive.

FasTrack Divorce offers an economical solution to an emotional issue. Whether you and your spouse are in agreement with the divorce decision, or one of you has no choice in this matter, we provide services to complete the divorce process without creating unnecessary drama or employing high-cost divorce tactics.

Frustrated by the excessive fees and court filings by divorce attorneys on behalf of clients, FasTrack Divorce was founded to offer an alternative process of divorce for people who don’t want to give all their savings and retirement assets to their lawyers.

When you choose FasTrack Divorce, you will be:

  • Provided with a free consultation to ascertain the exact needs of your particular situation.
  • Given the opportunity to either mediate or attend a settlement conference.
  • Provided with a fixed fee formula to avoid unhidden and surprise costs.

Here is a word from Mary Anne and one of her happy clients! 

Hear What Shola Has to Say About Fastrack Divorce
"I understand the frustration and unnecessary cost associated with divorce. My team and I are here to make sure that your rights and finances are respected and protected."

Mary Anne (”Annie”) Noonan, founder and owner of FasTrack Divorce, is a Family Law practitioner committed to helping clients with a wide range of family law & divorce matters throughout Michigan.

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