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Simplifying the Process of Going Back to Work After Divorce

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A woman goes through papers getting ready for work.
The only sure thing about life is change. This change can come in many different forms, and not all of them are happy changes, even though they may be for the best. Divorce is one stark change that is part of many people’s experience. Working and being financially independent is important, but finding a job or career after being a stay-at-home spouse can be terrifying. Check out our steps below to help get yourself back out there working and earning a paycheck. 

Get an Idea About Your Current Options

Do a check of your income sources and money you owe each month. Creating a budget can help you get a better idea about your situation. Alimony or child support may give you some help in the short term. Getting a part-time job might help pay some bills. Reach out to friends and family who may know of a job opening. 

Search Based on Your Interests

Invest in seeing a career counselor. They can help you learn about the basics of different jobs. They can walk you through the steps of applying, interviewing, and contract negotiation. Even if you worked before your marriage, you could choose a completely different path now. Switching jobs or even careers can make the transition more dynamic and new. Choosing this time of transition into divorced life may help you be more comfortable with experiencing a change in your career. Shadowing friends at their jobs can give you some perspective. 

Consider Going Back to School

Having a degree helps with many jobs, and is a requirement at many others. If you want to get into a competitive field, you may need to take the first step by going back to school. A management degree can create options for you in many types of work. There are even online programs to make it easier on your schedule - an option that is important if you have kids or part-time jobs to handle. 

Once you do find an area you enjoy, research the company and give it a shot. The more interviews you do, the better you will get at them and the more likely it will be for you to have a job that you appreciate. 

The legal team at FasTrack Divorce provides individuals in Oakland County the chance to start over after leaving a marriage. Our experts will walk you through the divorce process so you will have the smoothest transition possible given the situation. Give us a call to chat through your options at 248-480-4800.