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Shared Custody

Shared custody, or joint custody, is a viable option for many divorced couples who each separately have the resources to properly provide for their children. If this is the case, and the couple can agree to share custody, they can set up a plan to share equal time with the children.

This kind of custody often requires careful negotiation and an open and honest candor between the couple to properly establish joint custody terms, schedules, and parameters. FasTrack Divorce® can provide the kind of sensitive and dedicated Michigan divorce lawyers needed to help clients properly navigate this arrangement.

What are the requirements for shared custody?

Other than the couple's agreement, there are important factors that have to be present for the court to accept a joint custody agreement. Many of these factors are always considered during custody agreements, but are specifically critical to get joint custody approved.

Factors that favor shared custody:

  • Both parents have secured a residence that can accommodate children
  • Both parents live in the proximity of the children's school
  • Both parents have the resources to take care of custodial responsibilities

While most people assume shared custody divides parenting time 50/50 between the two parents, an arrangement where children spend the school term with one parent, and then summer recess with another, is also considered joint custody. It's up to the couple to decide which joint arrangement is best for the children.

FasTrack Divorce® is ready to help your family today!

While we strive for efficient, streamlined divorce proceedings at FasTrack Divorce®, that doesn't mean we rush through the sensitive and often complicated issues that child custody terms can produce. On the contrary, our goal is for both parents to proceed with informed, clear lines of communication—the exact kind of communication necessary to establish shared custody.

If you believe shared custody is the best for your children, contact FasTrack Divorce®.