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How Teachers Can Plan for Divorce

Reshaping your life when planning for divorce is difficult no matter your profession. But, teachers have unique demands that will need a different approach than many others.

Review our suggestions tailored to teachers who will soon divorce.

Telling Your Colleagues

Many people keep strict lines between their personal and professional lives, and others blend the two sharing personal stories with co-workers. Whichever is right for you, it is vital for you to let your principal or administrator know about your upcoming divorce. Informing your principal will help them make accommodations for you while ensuring your classroom has constant coverage.

Letting your co-workers know your situation is up to you. It might be a good idea to let your boss know if you would like to keep your divorce private or if you will be telling other teachers.

Informing HR

Your next stop should be your human resources department. The workers in the HR department will help you work through how to separate your benefits including medical, health, and life insurance. Starting an open conversation with HR representatives will also help you understand what may happen to your pension. There are many options with a teacher’s pension during divorce proceedings including it remaining with you completely, dividing it in half at your retirement, or other options.

Name Change

Everyone’s name is important, serving as your original personal brand. As a teacher, your last name becomes even more unique as identifies you to students. This name can mean more to students than it would for mature adults.

The younger students may not understand a name change (whether for marriage or divorce). Children have no problem asking questions, some that may be uncomfortable or painful for you to answer.

The decision to use your new or original name is always up to you. Try to have a straightforward, simple answer on hand to respond to students. They care about you, and they show that care through interest.

Co-Parenting Teachers

Teachers with children who will divorce soon will have some scheduling issues to manage. Consider the following:

  • Daily Schedule - Teachers typically begin and end their day earlier than most other professions. Having earlier days may help with managing childcare or school dropoffs.

  • Summers - Most teachers have summers off as do most school-age children. Summers present an opportunity for teaching parents to spend more time or go on trips with their children.

  • Holidays - Teachers get extra days off for holidays than most other jobs. A parent with these holidays off can help out with watching children who will also be off on these days.

Divorce is a challenge for all who go through it. As a teacher, you have problems that are nearly unique to your situation. FasTrack Divorce offers an economical solution to an emotional issue. If you are seeking the legal help of a divorce attorney, contact Fast Track Divorce today for streamlined divorce services.