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Commonly Asked Divorce Questions

Everyone detests a divorce and the rigorous process that it entails; yet divorces still take place every day. This post is meant to shed light on the five commonly asked divorce questions.

What is the procedure for initiating a divorce?
Divorce or dissolution of marriage begins once a petition or complaint is filed with the local court. A copy of this will be served on your spouse, with a stipulated number of days within which they ought to respond. The direction the divorce process takes from this point depends on your spouse’s response: he may agree, contest, or not reply at all. Additional documents such as financial statements and property deeds may also need to be filed, and formal court hearings are summoned.

How long will the divorce take?
The divorce process may take as little as 60 days to no more than one year depending on its complexity. It may be delayed by factors such as liquidation of a major asset by the divorcing parties, or if either party has a criminal case in court. 

How much will the divorce cost?

There are fixed costs that vary from lawyer to lawyer. These include the initial cost of filing your paperwork and fees for having your spouse served. Legal representation is known to be quite expensive, though the complexity of the case mostly influences it. Other costs may be incurred should the court order additional services.

What is an uncontested divorce?
This is a divorce case in which both parties agree both on the divorce as well as on the settlement terms such as child support, property, and debt division, alimony, among others. This does not mean that both parties do not need legal representation; in fact, legal advice should always be sought for before agreeing to any divorce terms.

FasTrack Divorce offers an economical solution to an emotional issue. Whether you and your spouse are in agreement with the divorce decision, or one of you has no choice in this matter, we provide services to complete the divorce process without creating unnecessary drama or employing high-cost divorce tactics. For more information, contact our team today.